Help Planning a Super Mario Party For Your Child's Birthday

Every story has two sides, so the fantastic side and the bad side and you merely need to pick which side you are interested in being in. The same goes in the Super Mario games in which the forces of evil gets captured and kidnapped Princess Peach where is Mario had to rescue her. However, as far as it's extremely important to have to know the good side of things, it's also very important to be aware of the bad side of it. Here are a few of the Mario characters names bad guys so you can weigh on what to despise more. More information on mario characters names bad guys on


One of the most common enemies of the brothers is Anatasma. He is the 1 dude that looks in a great deal of variant of the matches, his latest being around the Paper Jam version of it. He was not always what he appeared to be, until he was just another ordinary bat before the island of Pi'illo preyed to him and transformed him into what he is.

Bowser Jr.

Now, if you're a genuine Super Mario fan, you would know about the guy named Bowser who stole Princess peach. Now, Bowser Jr is just another spawn of the main man himself. He was seen on the Sunshine version of this Super Mario game. He does not really do anything at all to follow on anything his father asks him. That is all that he wants, to offer service and be of terrific use to his father.


Among the most insane villains on the Super Mario game show is Fawful. He is not that powerful nor is that good, but he is mad. He helps Cackletta, as he is your side kick and helps in taking the princess' voice that they can have their wish granted into them.